Chemical - Etched Ceramic Mug

This ceramic mug was subtly etched using Egress Etch stencils and etching cream.

Make your coffee break more fun with custom-etched mugs!

       Two of our clever clients sent us examples of ceramic coffee mugs they had etched, using Egress Etch stencils and two very different etching techniques: chemical etching (above) and sand blasting (click here for some sand-blasted tiles to give you an idea of what this technique looks like).

       This playful puppy mug is an example of the subtle etching of Etch All Cream on ceramics. Ceramic pieces can be etched because the glaze is actually a glass - based material. Please note that only "shiny" ceramics can be etched successfully. Pieces glazed in a matt finish are not appropriate because the etching will not show up. The same is true for tiles. (The etchable quality of ceramics is also why we caution clients to be very careful not to drip or splatter the etching cream on countertops or other tile surfaces while working on other pieces.)

       Etched mugs make wonderful gifts. You can fill them with candy, hot cocoa mix, hot cider spices, etc., or use your own imagination for a variety of special occasions!

       Thank you to our clients for showing us even more possibilities for Egress Etch stencils, and for letting us photograph and use their ideas on this website!

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