EgressEtch Glass Etching Stencils, Supplies, and Instruction

How To Etch Glass:

Preparing the Glass and Placing the Stencil

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Square bottle party favor etched using Egress Etch glas-etching stencils & supplies

2:  Preparing the Glass and Placing the Stencil

       Start by washing the glass with window cleaner. Be sure it is completely dry and lint-free before placing the stencil.

Placing the stencil

       With the stencil label-side up, carefully remove the backing paper. This exposes the adhesive.

       Carefully apply your stencil with the adhesive side to the glass. Burnish the stencil to the glass using a squeegee.  SINGLE USE ONLY -- THEY ARE NOT REUSABLE!  If you are etching a number of pieces in the same pattern, you must order a stencil for each piece.

Securing the stencil

Peel off the protective layer

       Slowly and carefully peel off the top layer, making sure all pieces of the stencil remain on the glass.

       Is your stencil now securely anchored to the glass? You're ready to Begin Etching!

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