EgressEtch Glass Etching Stencils, Supplies, and Instruction

How To Etch Glass:

Etching the Glass

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Chemical etched ceramic mug using Egress Etch stencils and etching cream

3:  Etching the Glass

       Please note that the etching creme is, by nature, a caustic substance. For safety's sake, you MUST wear disposable vinyl gloves and be prepared to give your undivided attention to the project for the next fifteen to twenty minutes. Please, also wear eye protection!

Mask edges of stencil

       Using masking tape, mask the glass outside the stencil. Do not allow etching creme to contact exposed skin, ceramic tile, porcelain sinks, etc.--in other words, anything you don't want etched!

       Apply a thick coat of etching creme to the exposed glass, making sure the creme is evenly spread. Check corners and edges carefully. Wait fifteen minutes. Do NOT leave unattended!

Apply a thick coat of etching creme.

Wait 15 minutes and remove the etching creme.

       After fifteen minutes have passed, carefully wipe off the etching creme with paper towels. Dispose of properly! Take a moment to wash any traces of etching creme from your vinyl gloves, too.

       You've applied the etching creme, waited fifteen minutes, removed the creme, and immediately and securely disposed of the paper towels you've used. Your gloves are clean, and you're ready to go on to the final steps: Finishing!

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